Lean Law Alternative

Raymond Law Group LLC is The Lean Law Alternative℠. Our firm is designed and built to maximize value for our clients while minimizing waste and lowering costs. We came out of a traditional large firm environment where little attention is paid to streamlining key processes - the way law work gets done. Raymond Law Group LLC threw away the traditional law blueprint and designed a law firm structure and, more importantly, a law firm culture of lean practices and alternative fee arrangements to offer clients maximum value. Some of our lean law design features include:

  • High-tech, all-digital office, no paper files
  • A mix of virtual law firm (home-based) attorneys and brick-and-mortar attorney positions
  • 24/7 scalable outsourced office support - no secretaries on payroll, better support than big traditional firms. U.S. based, law only.
  • Use of "just in time" sourcing at all levels of the firm

Learn why The Association of Corporate Counsel, CBS Moneywatch.com, GC New England Magazine, The Hartford Business Journal and nationally recognized law consulting experts are among those who have taken notice of Raymond Law Group LLC's unique blend of lean law design and alternative fee arrangement expertise. Contact us for more information.