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Combining Legal Experience With Reconstruction Expertise

Tractor-trailers are the largest motor vehicles on the road. Sorting out what really happened in a truck accident involving serious injury or death is a complex and difficult job. At Raymond Law Group LLC, we have experience dealing with trucking regulations and scientific studies about how truck accidents happen and can put this experience to work for our clients and their representatives. Contact us at Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut, for immediate and aggressive representation of truck accident claims in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Contact our Connecticut truck accident lawyers at 860-633-0580.

Sophisticated Knowledge of Truck Accident Litigation

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we employ an innovative and scientific approach in getting to the facts of a truck accident. Our attorneys have attended national seminars on the science involved in truck accidents. We are up to date on the technology of understanding how accidents involving semis, tractor-trailers and 16-wheelers can happen.

Teaming With Experts to Get to the Facts

Our investigation will involve the help of high-level, industry-recognized scientists and former police investigators. From reviewing the truck driver's log to securing information from global positioning and the "black box" that houses vital data, we will identify whether negligence occurred in the truck accident. Our attorneys will also determine if there was a link to sleep deprivation, product liability, or other third parties.

Connecticut Truck Accidents on I-91, I-95 and I -84

Because Connecticut is between New York City and the rest of New England, interstate highways through Connecticut are some of the most highly traveled roads in the country. There are a large number of truck accidents along Interstate 95 from Stamford to New Haven all the way to Rhode Island. Truck accidents frequently occur on Interstate 91 from New Haven through Hartford to Springfield. Interstate 84 has truck accidents from the New York border to Waterbury, Hartford, and all the way to Massachusetts. At Raymond Law Group LLC, we can deploy a team of experts to accident locations sometimes within hours to gather and preserve critical evidence. Immediate response time can be critical in a truck accident case.

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