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Social networking is one of the biggest growing technology platforms in the world. With the explosive growth in use and popularity, there have been numerous social networking lawsuits involving sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter.

As technology changes, so do we. At Raymond Law Group LLC, our Connecticut online harassment attorneys are up to date on the most widely used legal theories for claims involving lawsuits and Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We are available to help clients in Connecticut and Massachusetts who have questions on legal options concerning social networking and the Internet. Contact us at 860-633-0580 to see how if we can help you.

LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook Lawsuits in Connecticut
Many businesses and their employees use Web sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to advertise, communicate with one another, share information and establish a network of contacts. Unfortunately, many times social networking sites are improperly used and a lawsuit can result from such things as Facebook wall postings, Twitter posts, LinkedIn status updates and client connections.

Every business needs to have a social networking policy in place for employee use of social networking sites, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. The number of lawsuits related to social networking is rapidly increasing related to employee rights, privacy rights, defamation, breach of confidentiality and commercial disparagement. We can help you develop a social media policy at the workplace and for such matters as electronic monitoring and internet usage.

One of the most unnerving developments with social media sites, such as Facebook, YouTube and MySpace, relates to an upward trend of cyber bullying, harassment, and invasion of privacy including cases connected to devastating suicides and other injuries. People of all ages, including middle and high school students, college students, and adults have faced incidents of intimidation, defamation, or harassment on Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. If this is happening to you related to work or school, you should consult an attorney to help stop the bullying, harassment, and defamation.

Raymond Law Group LLC recently was asked by the media about lawsuits from Facebook and other social networking sites.

Our attorneys can help you if you have questions regarding social networking, Web sites, the Internet and the following issues:

  • Defamation and slander
  • Cyber bullying, harassment
  • Privacy rights and Invasion of Privacy
  • Security concerns
  • Employment issues
  • Social networking, Social media policies
  • Trade secret disclosure
  • Information theft
  • Cyber liability

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