Connecticut Premises Liability Lawyers

The Connecticut premises liability lawyers of Raymond Law Group LLC take cases involving premises liability and workplace injuries seriously and employ a scientific approach in getting to the facts, not assumptions.

A fall in a public place can not only be embarrassing, but also life-threatening. In their eyes, there is nothing minor about a premises liability accident Contact us at 860-633-0580.

Experience and Expertise on Your Side

From slipping and falling to suffering a workplace injury on a construction site involving a building collapse or crane accident, the experienced attorneys of Raymond Law Group LLC incorporate science when investigating cases involving premises liability and workplace injuries.

They do not just take pictures of a slippery surface. In serious injury cases, they team with experts to test the surface itself. In addition, when representing clients who have suffered construction-related accidents, they partner with industry professionals who possess the needed knowledge and expertise to determine what really happened in an accident.

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