Connecticut Partnership Dispute Attorneys

If your business partnership is experiencing a dispute, you need help from a seasoned attorney. Too many facts can be overlooked. Doing it on your own is an ill-advised option. Our attorneys at Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut, will attend to all the details in navigating the right course for your business while protecting your rights.

Do not give up your rights as a business partner. Partnership disputes require you to retain an experienced and business-savvy attorney. Contact our Connecticut partnership dispute attorneys at 860-633-0580.

When Your Business Partnership Is In Trouble

Many business partnerships are informal arrangements between two people who share the same goals. Many times, a written operating agreement was never drafted or formalized. Division of ownership and designation of certain duties lacks clear definition. As the business grew, the partners' objectives changed and business relationships strained.

To make things worse, many soon-to-be ex-partners try to end a partnership on their own. If this is your and your partner's strategy, you could be giving up your rights without even knowing it in partnership dissolution. Even worse, you can expose yourself to future lawsuits with a former partner if the dissolution is not done right.

You Need Seasoned Advocacy for Partnership Dissolution

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we help Massachusetts and Connecticut-based businesses undertake the often complex task of partnership dissolution. Careful and detail-oriented steps must be taken to protect all parties. Taking the steps without the help of a business divorce attorney can result in future litigation and issues that affect your personal finances.

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