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If you or your business has been victimized by fraud, you need the help of our experienced fraud investigation attorneys at Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut. Our multi-state business law practice can provide you with the aggressive fraud investigation consumers and businesses need to recover stolen money, services, assets, or property.

Combining legal knowledge with industry expertise and cutting-edge technology is only the start. Too much is at stake when fraud affects your life, your assets, or your business operations. Contact us at 860-633-0580.

Hartford Business Fraud Lawyers
Identifying the Party Responsible for Fraud

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we are diligent in finding the source of consumer, investment and business fraud and hold the responsible party accountable. Many times, our investigation leads to multiple sources that encompass a circle of fraud with related and connected players. Successful background work and revealing investigations come from our experience and tenacity coupled with an extensive network of experts.

Partnering With Seasoned Industry Professionals to Uncover Fraud

Those who commit fraud are often adept at hiding themselves, their motives and their assets. Our attorneys are often able to uncover the tracks of malfeasance that fraudulent individuals or companies try to cover. We handle many types of fraud cases including fraud on consumers and businesses, mortgage and contractor fraud on homeowners, and investment fraud on individuals.

For high-level fraud cases, our attorneys partner with a former United States Department of Treasury investigator. This industry-recognized professional headed up the office to prosecute federal-level financial crimes and was involved in Interpol. We also team up with experienced forensic investigators in accounting, banking and computers. With our team of legal, investigative, and forensic experts, we are able to locate assets throughout the world and conduct detailed forensic computer investigations to access electronically stored information.

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