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The effects of a fire on individuals and businesses can be devastating in a multitude of ways. Serious personal injury, wrongful death, and major property loss can result from a fire. You should always seek out a skilled attorney who can help you if you and your business have suffered harm from a fire.

Hartford Fire Loss Attorneys

Throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts, people seek out Raymond Law Group LLC for representation in fire loss cases. We have years of experience handling major fire loss cases involving loss of life, significant personal injury, and millions of dollars in property damage. Over the years, we have worked side by side with some of the leading experts in fire science, property damage, and fire cause and origin. Likewise, our attorneys have successfully opposed many experts in fire lawsuits and challenged the reliability of their opinions in depositions and court by use of generally accepted fire science, such as the National Fire Protection Association's guide to fire investigations. If you have questions about fire litigation, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Our lawyers can help you with any of the following issues related to fire cases:

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