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Nothing throws a company into turmoil like a dispute with an employee over allegations of wrongful termination, age discrimination, racial bias, hostile work environment, or wage and hour complaints. Litigation can be costly, time consuming and harmful to the company's public relations.

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Our Connecticut employment law attorneys at Raymond Law Group LLC can help counsel employers before action is taken to terminate an employee, discipline an employee, or to seek enforcement of a non-compete, confidentiality, or non-solicitation agreement. Read here for Employer tips on restraint of trade and non-compete agreements.

Employment litigation avoidance is always the best strategy. We find that a proactive approach often minimizes risk and avoids many employee rights claims. Our lawyers advise Connecticut employers on all relevant employment laws from the hiring stage to termination. Careful steps and adherence to existing laws can mean the difference between a peaceful firing and a contentious lawsuit. If you have already been sued, please consider us as your employment litigation law firm to protect your company with competitive hourly rates or an alternative fee agreement.

Our lawyers can also help you with implementing policies and procedures that effectively address hot button issues such as social networking by employees on sites such as Facebook and MySpace, use of the internet at work, and blackberry, lap top, and cell phone use off site and at work. Many times, by drafting effective polices our lawyers can help your business avoid or mitigate claims for invasion of privacy, violation of the stored communications act, overtime and bonus claims, and wrongful termination. We also assist with employee handbooks and manuals, trade secret protection for client or customer lists, and confidentiality, non-compete and non-solicitation agreements.

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The loss of a job not only interrupts a promising career, but also impacts your financial bottom line. If you have reason to believe you were the victim of a wrongful termination, find out the facts with the help of our attorneys at Raymond Law Group LLC in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated from your job, contact us at 860-633-0580 immediately for a consultation. You have rights that may need protection from a Connecticut and Massachusetts employee rights attorney.

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At Raymond Law Group LLC, we have handled employee rights claims in various industries from hourly wage disputes to partnership compensation for dentists and physicians. We also help employees with exit strategies and avoidance of non-compete agreements and to recover wages, bonuses, severance, and damages that they deserve in cases involving:

To "resolve" your case, your employer could offer to enter into severance agreement negotiations prior to you retaining an attorney. What you do not know is that you may be entitled to more compensation or you may be giving up all your rights to bring suit for more damages. Do not take the "do it yourself" approach.

Read here for tips on severance packages.

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