Connecticut Cyber Liability Attorneys

In today's fast paced technology driven business community, business owners face the constant threat of cyber liability and costly technology errors. At Raymond Law Group LLC, in Hartford County, Connecticut our lawyers keep pace with technology to benefit our clients in litigation and with risk management. We also practice what we preach with use of technology in our own law practice. This combination enables us to understand technology problems with your business like few other law firms.

Cyber liability can be a trap for the unwary for any Connecticut business including liability for data loss, privacy violations, security breaches, and network failures. For help with a claim involving a technology error in Connecticut, contact our Connecticut internet liability attorneys at 860-633-0580.

Connecticut Website Compliance for Business Owners

Does your business website comply with the law? What you don't know can hurt your bottom line. We will review your website for compliance with the law. Our review will involve identifying risks for internet liability, website defamation, libel, slander, trademark, and copyright infringement.

Business Liability for Data Loss and Privacy Violations

Any e-commerce business that stores or maintains third party data, such as social security numbers, dates of birth, or credit card information, faces potential liability from:

  • Unauthorized access and use
  • Improper storage of data
  • Information theft
  • Security breaches or cyber attacks
  • Virus transmissions
  • Inadvertent disclosures

Hartford Internet Liability Lawyers

Data loss damages can destroy your business. If you are facing a lawsuit for data loss damages or privacy violations, speak to one of our technology lawyers. Contact us at 860-633-0580 for a consultation.