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Damages And Claims Under Connecticut Law For Unpaid Overtime Wages And Bonuses

If an employer refuses to pay wages to an employee, Connecticut statutory law in some circumstances provides for double damages, costs, and attorney's fees. If an employer fails to pay wages and there is a finding of bad faith, arbitrariness, or unreasonableness, an employee could be entitled to double damages. The statutory law is often referred to as the Connecticut Wage Act. In addition, if any Connecticut employer fails to properly classify a worker or employee as non exempt for purposes of overtime laws under Connecticut's Minimum Wage Act or the Fair Labor Standards Act, an employer may be responsible to pay the employee overtime pay at one and a half times regular pay for every hour worked in excess of 40 hours in a week. Liquidated damages and attorney's fees may also be available for Federal and Connecticut overtime and unpaid overtime claims.

Employee Bonus And Failure To Pay Wages And Overtime Under Connecticut Wage Law

Many employers and employees want to know what constitutes a wage under Connecticut law. For example, are performance or retention bonuses considered wages? The answer depends on your circumstances and the nature of the bonus agreement. To assist our clients, we will want to know if the bonus was based on company performance or was it based on individual work effort or performance. We will want to examine all of your contractual agreements and writings concerning the retention payments or bonus plan to determine if Connecticut law applies and if a claim exists under the Connecticut Wage Act.

It is important for both employers and employees to consider that individuals and companies can be held responsible for double damages for failure to pay wages in some circumstances. Individual liability may depend on who was in control of the company or who was responsible for the wage violation. Double damages will depend on the circumstances of the particular situation.

Recently, Connecticut's wage and bonus laws have been in the national spotlight following the intense reaction and scrutiny over the AIG bonus and retention payments for AIG's Wilton, Connecticut office. Raymond Law Group LLC Attorney was asked his opinion on many of these issues by the Hartford Courant. Read here for more. Connecticut unpaid overtime attorney was also asked his opinion by the news media concerning the recent class action lawsuit for wage and hour violations against AT&T.

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