Connecticut Car Accident Lawyers

At Raymond Law Group LLC, our attorneys handle car accident claims with serious injuries in Connecticut and Massachusetts. We don't do TV ads or put our faces on buses. Instead, we earn a reputation as experienced professionals with credibility in the courtroom based on our detailed preparation of our cases and knowledge of the law. That's why our firm is hired by both insurance companies and individuals who want the quality representation and experience our firm brings to their clients.

If you need representation in Connecticut or Massachusetts for a car accident, contact a Connecticut car accident lawyer today at 860-633-0580.

Teaming With Experts to Prove How the Accident Happened

At Raymond Law Group LLC, we take a scientific approach to our practice of personal injury law. Clients or their representatives who come to us following a serious car accident can count on our attorneys to team up with high-level scientists and former police investigators to reconstruct car accidents and review data from black boxes. We have experience working with medical professionals to document what happened and the relationship between an injury and an accident. We have experience handling cases involving pedestrian accidents and the unique issues they present.

Even the smallest skid mark can provide investigators with information related to speed and help them prove how the accident really happened. It is important to hire an attorney before the critical evidence is lost.

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