Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Connecticut Commercial Litigation Attorneys

The Raymond Law Group handles complex business litigation in a broad range of legal areas representing clients in both the service and manufacturing sectors along with real estate and construction firms and other public and private companies.

The diverse legal areas in which we practice range from professional negligence and employment liability to products liability, unfair competition, trade secrets and franchise disputes.

The matters we involve ourselves in can be both internal disputes involving disagreements over capital contributions and profit distributions, sale of ownership interest, and misappropriation of opportunities, as well as conflicts with external parties that may center around fraud and misrepresentation, tortious interference with contractual relations, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty. Often problems with vendors and consultants can involve technology, ecommerce, and data loss issues. Conflicts with competitors can arise out of false advertising and defamation.

We love to win but at the RLG winning means addressing the resolution of the dispute with a smart, efficient, cost-effective approach that takes into account the total litigation cost to the client; the amount of legal fees & third party costs, the time to resolution and the impact on the business and business relationships not just the verdict obtained or settlement achieved.

Many clients feel that budgeting for future legal expense has been unreliable and lacking predictability. A major part of the problem is the large law firm tendency to plan and budget as if every case is tried to verdict when in fact 97% of litigated matters settle. At RLG we focus on preparing budgets and litigation management plans that will position the matter at key inflection points for successful early resolution.

We emphasis resource allocation centered around creating verdict and settlement leverage not linearly developing discovery on issues that are a small piece of the puzzle but don't change the big picture.

In addition in order to both control the absolute level of legal expense and maximize ROI on the expense dollar, RLG offers a variety of alternative fee approaches (AFAs).

Cases that present as major complex matters with multiple parties, thorny legal issues, significant damages, and a multitude of 'decision tree' possibilities for the various paths and fork in the road that the litigation might take dictate the advisability of an hourly rate retention until the case can be adequately assessed.

Following early case assessment, if a proposed litigation management plan recommends significant levels of legal expense, clients may elect from a number of AFAs, including contingency arrangements, hold-back bonus, and risk collars.

At the RLG, you always get a 'hands on', trial proven, senior lawyer on top of adjusting, adapting, and improvising case strategy to effectively get the most out of your legal defense dollar.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to discuss your business dispute or commercial litigation matter, please call at 303-482-2122.