Boston Copyright Lawyers

The Boston copyright attorneys at Raymond Law Group represent creative individuals and companies that wish to protect their works. We help clients build intelligent strategies to protect and capitalize on their copyrighted material. Our lawyers also have extensive experience litigating copyright infringement cases. Firm lawyers are also available to draft copyright transfer and licensing/royalty agreements.

Emphasis on Software Issues

Much of Raymond Law Group's copyright work occurs within the critically important realm of software development. We understand the complex and ever-changing law around copyrighting items such as computer coding, digital content and related material. We fully understand and utilize the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to protect our clients' rights, and we continue to monitor the status of the DMCA's safe-harbor provisions, which shield Internet service providers from copyright infringement liability, which is a highly controversial topic in IP law.

A Full Suite of Copyright Services

Whether you have a concern related to software or any other creative work, you can rely on our Boston lawyers to protect your interests. Our clients include artists, musicians, authors, architects and others. We encourage you to reach out to us regarding:

  • Website content
  • Video games
  • Data compilations
  • Architectural works
  • Film
  • Musical works (compositions and performances)
  • Novels and books, articles and publications of all types

Copyright Litigation and Transactions

If you already possess a copyrighted work and wish to leverage it, talk to a Raymond Law Group attorney about creating a licensing arrangement or facilitating a sale of the copyright. We can help you maximize the value of your work.

If you feel your copyright is being infringed, we can evaluate the situation and determine a course of action. Similarly, if you are accused of infringing someone's copyright, we can defend you against the allegation. We handle copyright litigation in Massachusetts and nationwide.

Contact a Software Copyright Lawyer in Massachusetts

For more information about our intellectual property practice and to speak with a lawyer about your copyright needs, call Raymond Law Group's downtown Boston office at 817-314-6462 or toll free 860-633-0580. You can also email us, and we will respond promptly.